Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Corporate Cookie Kudos

My hubba-hubba-Hubby is a V.I.P., and V.P. for a big ol' Co. on the NASDQ. (But I'm supposed to keep that on the Q.T.), so I don't blog about him much.

This post is pretty innocent though, and it's all about ME, So I think it's O.K.

He is getting ready to hire a new employee, and we have this little tradition, where I bake homemade macademia nut cookies for him to take to work on the new hire's first day. Hubba-Hubba Honey takes them into work, puts them on the new employees desk, and then invites everyone to come by for cookies and meet the new guy.

Well, tonight my Hubba Hubba Hunk told me that the H.R. department is using Hubby and I as a Best Practice Corporate Example.

Ohhhh. Im so tickled with my sweet lil self, that I might just bake a DOUBLE batch for this lucky hire!


Trée said...

And here I was thinking you were not the corportate type, you trendsetter you. :-D

Trée said...

Yes, I have it on my list. One day I'm going to either learn to spell or learn to proof. Right now I don't seem to be doing either. :-)

glenda said...

What a kind, nurturing thing to do for the new kid on the block.
and my daughter's nickname is kelly-bell, and I work at a non-profit too! What a small world. thanks for visiting. c'mon back. Will have a new post up soon.

beckyboop said...

Miss Kelley, you are so nice. Corporations need to have good examples like yourself.

Becky :)

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Aren't you a sweetie-pie! Such a nice thing to do - and macadamia nuts are my absolute favorite. They make stellar cookies. That newbie's gonna heart you like crazy. You should post the recipe, my dear. Those of us who adore cooking would love to try it out!

Kelley Bell said...

I hold the title of The Worlds Greatest Box Cook.

The recipe:
Call Schwains,
have two boxes of frozen dough delivered
Pop into the oven,
and dont forget to set the timer!