Monday, August 14, 2006


I drove out to the Jolly Times campground last night to bring some suppiles to my daughter, who was happily recreating with our neighbors.

When I arrived, the three little sugar -n- spice girly girls were stomping off with furrowed brow and eminent tear.

"Whats going on?"
"My mom is making us go have a talk."

I nodded and headed for the adult circle to get the scoop.

"The power of three, you know. Two team up and leave the third left out. It's been going on all afternoon. I told them to go work it out."

When I later joined the girly girls pow wow on the playset, I asked if they had managed to sort out their differences.

They had.

In unified solidarity, they procalaimed "It's all Mom's fault!"



Trée said...

Now that's funny. Smart girls. :-)

CrackerLilo said...

*giggles* Brings back memories!

Smythe said...

HA!!! Those little girls are already politicians!! I know you don't think I mean that in a derogatory way. By the way, that roller coaster you write about in ABOUT ME can many times be a carousel too, huh??

Kelley Bell said...

Whatever your dreams desire, my dear. :)

glenda said...

Yes,although my girls are now grown, i sure remember the female poliics on the playground. I used to call them the drama glad that is over with!

beckyboop said...

Oh yes, as a rule with children, two is always better than three. Even numbers allows them to pair up. "The power of three" will happen everytime with teh three kid situation.

I feel your pain. According to my son, everthing is my fault too. In your case it helped the girls sort it out. Some good came out of it.

Becky :)