Monday, August 21, 2006

WOW! Im a Jingle Writer!!!

A while back, I wrote a jingle for the Blame Pet, the inventor over in Germany saw it on the internet, and asked for permission to use my lyrics. Golly! My first Music Video! Look out MTV, Here I Come!!!!!


glenda said...

Oh, man, that is priceless!! Should also be the theme song of every 14 year-old girl.

Anonymous said...

yu one ugly woman!!

zingtrial said...

Hi liked it He!He!He!
Thanks for sharing :)
Wish you well

Trée said...

Oh that's just wonderful Kel. I'll be glad to say I knew her when. :-D

Kelley Bell said...


Tree, You're FREAKIN me OUT!

I JUST, and I mean JUST wrote an e-mail to someone and typed the words:

"I'll be glad to say I knew her when."

Oh this is so freakin me out!!!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

That's pretty cool, sweetie! In fact - I'd say it's fabulous! You are a published jingle-writer; and in Germany for heaven's sake! Marvelous! Simply marvelous!

Writer Mom said...

First you punched out Demi Moore, now this? Your life is tooo incredible.
How's the book coming along?

Kelley Bell said...


You are too funny.

The book?
Well, I wrote a chapter last week in the historical fiction piece that I am really rather proud of. It was full of action and suspense from start to finish.

So many of my other chapters seem to be missing that element. I have it on my list to go back and rework them, with that goal in mind.

I have also been working on a DVD that goes hand in hand with this project. We burned the first rough cut last week, and have a punch list of about a million things to add to it.

But today, Im working on tightening up a couple of short stories.

Im in no rush to finish the novel, just excited about honing the craft.

As if thats not enough bread to spread my jelly on, Last night, the MC at the comedy club DARED me to write three min. and perform!

(I am one who simply CAN NOT resist a good dare!)


Thanks for asking. Its nice to have a gentle push from my peers!

Hows your writing progressing?