Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Divine Message from Burbon Street

I was reviewing my blog, and was actually a little suprised at myself for going on such a feminist anti-patricharchy rant.

In real life, I'm pretty happy go lucky, and I dont even think about this stuff too much.

I guess I have just been effected by the media.
The Terri Schaivo case,
The Election of the Pope,
The DaVinci code hype, and
The Red State / Blue State religious debates that have all been saturating the American press.

On top of that, I am constantly being confronted by Christians.

I live in a country that is dominated by this group. They are Everywhere. Their churches are on every corner, they are the teachers in our schools, they saturate the political scene, they send flyers in the mail, and they even have the audacity to knock on my door!

Not that I mind what they worship. For the most part, they are all really nice people. Heck, I even married one! (He's a GREAT guy, by the way.)

It's just that thing about their "duty" to convert everybody else that bothers me.

I'm offended by this. I mean, its not like they want to objectivly discuss religion, or seek truth, They just want me to shut up and conform to THEIR view.

For example:

When I was on vacation last month, I went to New Orleans.

I was walking through the French Quarter and stopped to listen to a group of street musicians playing some really good jazz.

I donated a dollar, and the sax player asked me to buy their CD.

"Thanks, but not today."

He replied that the profits were for a Christian childrens fund. He said "You do want to support the church and help the children, DON'T YOU??? You ARE a Christian, ARNT YOU???"

"No. I'm not a member of any religion, but I'm more of a Taoist than a Christian."

"Taoist? I aint never heard of that."

"It's an Eastern philosophy that finds wisdom in nature, and values simplicity." I said, without going into detail.

He looked at me as if I had just landed from Mars.

"When it comes to the teachings of Jesus, You better learn or you gonna Burn, Honey. Dat be all I know. You hear me girl? You better learn or you gonna burn."

Hmmm. Yea, I hear ya.

Blind faith and fear based doctrine.

The divine message from Burbon Street.

Got that, loud and clear.

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scrappy rose said...

"Blind faith and fear based doctrine."

This is why I stopped going to church, after 28 years, in a nutshell.

Would like to find a church that's comfortable and a bit closer to what God purpose for a congregation it out there? Thanks for your post.