Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Political Affilation

I am a Republocrat.

I support the notion of small government and capitalism, but I am venomously against any organization that attempts to legislate morality.

As an educated, responsible, thinking, voting age adult, I resent any attempts by government, industry or religious institutions to parent me.

I will make those decisions myself, with careful consideration to all relevant issues, in a manner far superior to that which any cookie cutter legislation could ever attempt to offer, thank you very much.


Kathy said...

Keep on rockin in the free world!

Sray said...

Thanks Kelley for your post on my blog. I guess I am for small govt. in everything, period. You cannot preach small govt. and then use FCC/Justice-Dept to regulate what is and what isnt free/decent speech.

ScorpionTear said...

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.