Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Our Pal Petey

It's been a year since I had him put down.
Best dog I EVER had.
Sweet, quiet, tolerant...
Just like Lassie.

But the neighbors were fear stricken.
Filled with media hype.

Ohio law labels him "Dangerous and Viscious"
just because of his looks.

So sad.

Some are dangerous, I know.
But can we say that all Black men are dangerous because they represent the highest violent crime rates and statistics?


In the 40's The Sheperds were feared.
They represented the Nazi SS Police dogs.

Then it was the Dobermans
crazed by inbreeding...they said

Next it was the Rottweillers
The devil dog from The Omen Movies

Now its the Bully Breeds
Any mutt that is part of any of the ten bull dog breeds, is called a Pitt Bull.
and lumped into one statistical group.

It makes the numbers look bad,
until you seperate them in the same way we do for other breeds.

Society wants to exterminate them all.

Good ol' Petey.
Our Friend and family pet
We miss you much.

Look out folks...
Your dog might be next.
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