Thursday, April 28, 2005


Gave a speech last night at The Wellness Forum.

Large Audience. Nice Crowd.

The topic was "Changing old habits and creating new ones."

I covered all the steps, but put the focus on Loving Yourself.

The way I see it is:

You are not going to put effort into improving yourself if you dont love yourself first.

I told the audience to chase away that little voice: the one that self critisizes.

I said:

Remember The Andy Griffith Show?
I loved Aunt Bea.
What if Aunt Bea was recast, and they put Julia Roberts in the role?
Andy might like that (LOL)

But it would not be the same.

So dont look in the mirror and beat yourself up. Love yourself for who you are.

Aunt Bea was not perfect.
Neither are you.

But Aunt Bea WAS the perfect Aunt Bea.

Often, it was her flaws that revealed her charm.

You too, are loved because of who you are, flaws included.

So love yourself.
Honor yourself.

Know that you are here for a reason,
and that the world needs you to be exactly who you are,

Not who you are not.

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