Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Action Alert!

Once again, My friend over at The Fat Lady Sings has alerted us to a grave injustice. Apparently Bill O'Reilly of FOX News has done the unthinkable, even for his outrageous standards. He is actually claiming 15 year old pedophile victim Shawn Hornbeck LIKED his four years of captivity and wanted to remain with his abuser.

To quote Bill:

"I think when it all comes down what's going to happen is there was an element here that this kid liked about his circumstances..."

"The situation here with this kid is looks to me to be a lot more fun then when he had under his own parents. He didn't have to go to school, He could run around and do what he wanted."

Fat Lady Sings duly notes, "Bill O’Reilly needs to be fired from Fox News. Immediately. His comments make me wonder – is he a pedophile himself? Those arguments he makes – those are NAMBLA talking points – right out of the pedophile handbook. He seems awfully conversant with their stated ideas and opinions."

NAMBLA is The North American Man/Boy Love Association whose goal is to "end the oppression of men and boys who have freely chosen, mutually consensual relationships."

(As if there could be any such thing!)

Steve Huff of The True Crime Blog tells us, "O'Reilly has been in the news for 30 years or more, covering all sorts of stories, and he's never heard of preferential pedophiles? He's never heard of brainwashing or complete intimidation? He can't do the math where a 6'4", 300-lb pedophile with a violent temper against a slightly-built boy from rural Missouri equals one having complete control of the other?"

This public stance by O'Reilly is an outrage! The man must be stopped. Please join us and take action! E-mail the O'Reilly producers at FOX NEWS and get this lunatic OFF THE AIR!


The Fat Lady Sings said...

I'm terribly, TERRIBLY upset over this. In fact - I’m so fucking mad I could spit tacks right now. Ya gotta excuse me, honey – but I really need to vent about this. You see - I grew up in an abusive household. The psychological abuse is yards worse then the physical – trust me on this. You end up too frightened to do anything more than curl up in a ball and pray to god that someone will rescue you. I have written about this extensively – mostly over at ‘The Motherless’ ( It takes years to get up the nerve to even THINK of rescuing yourself. And you know - I blamed myself for that inability up and until I looked at my friends 4 year-old daughter and realized that a child that small hasn’t the stature to affect the situation one way or another.

This boy was kidnapped by a 300 pound pedophile who threatened to kill him and his family if he so much as said boo. The man who held him was also friendly with the local police - often speaking to them while in the presence of Shawn Hornbeck. To Shawn – that meant no other adult was going to help him. How do I know this? Personal experience. At age 10 I finally told a doctor what was happening inside my home. That doctor immediately went to my parents - even though I begged her not to. The upshot? No police, no intervention - I was instead handed back to my abusers who used my 'apostasy' as proof that I needed yet more abuse. Within 2 months I tried to commit suicide by swallowing an entire bottle of aspirin.

At age eleven I again tried for help. I told a priest what was going on. We were in the confessional. That priest hauled me up to the alter by my hair telling me I was an unnatural child who deserved everything that was happening to me. I bit him and escaped. At age twelve I tried telling yet ANOTHER priest how bad the situation was. That asshole told me his life was substantially worse than mine, described his last confessor who evidently fessed up to being a serial killer and then walked out of the confessional leaving me alone. It gets better. I tried once more with the principal of my school. HE told me to just try and cope; said he wouldn’t mark me tardy if I didn’t show up or came late for class - and then asked me to leave his office.

So much for looking to adults for help. I can guarantee that every abused child can tell the same story – about how they begged grown-ups for help and were instead roundly ignored. NO ONE lifted a finger for me; no one save for my sister – and she committed suicide, poor thing - unable to handle the abuse she suffered herself. So for Bill O’Reilly to open his sewer of a mouth and say that Shawn Hornbeck stayed with his abuser out of choice makes me want to hop on a plane to New York, camp outside of Fox Studios, and claw that motherfucker’s eyes out the moment I get my hands on his sorry ass. CHILD ABUSE DESTROYS THE CHILD. There is no real recovery. You just learn to cope as best you can. I am 50 years old and nightmares still plague and interrupt my sleep. This story pushed all the old buttons and Bam! I’m back under my mother’s control, unable to save the life of a beloved pet – let alone my own. Fuck Bill O’Reilly. May god almighty strike him dead!

CrackerLilo said...

*hugs Fat Lady Sings*

I add two links, both by the same people who will be very interested.

I'm here, and so is L'Ailee, and it's probably a very fortunate thing for the Billdozer that L'Ailee is tired right now.


maggie said...

I agree, O'Reilly's comment was ridiculous. What was he thinking??

Smythe said...

Good God, Kelly!!!!! O'Reilly should be fired on the spot for mouthing crap like that. Wonder what Obermann has to say about this little comment?

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