Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paying Respects

Dear Friends,
Please link over to Ericka Lutz at Literary Mama.

Her entry this month tells of the passing of renowned American feminist and writer, Tillie Olsen, who also happens to be Ericka's grandmother.

Comments are welcome should you want to pay your respects. Personally, I think we all should, as we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. I know I owe Tillie a drink or two.

(Or should I say, a cup of her favorite peppermint tea?)

From The Feminist Press:

"Olsen's landmark text pays tribute to the labor of writing, and details the impediments that can force writers to relinquish their craft. She champions the myriad would-bes who lived and died, leaving "silences where the lives never came to writing."

Inspired by her immigrant mother's struggle to overcome illiteracy, frustrated by her own years as a waitress, secretary, and capper of mayonnaise jars—years during which her writing was effectively silenced by the demands of work and motherhood—Olsen gives voice to all who strive to prevent their "unused capacities" from atrophying, from ceasing to be. A clear-eyed, unsentimental tribute to anyone who has ever tried to work with words."

Also, JOHN LEONARD of The Nation offers his ode to Tillie "celebrating the eloquence of the feminist, activist and writer in whose work memory, history, poetry and prophecy converge."


Ericka said...

Kelley, Thank you so much for this tribute to Tillie. Tillie would have loved you. I really mean that. You are her kind of woman. She wasn't much of a drinker (an occasional sake or rare rare mixed drink) but you can sip a cup of tea for her (peppermint) or, you and I can someday toss one or two back in her -- and our -- honor.

zilla said...

I'm sure even a peppermint tea totaller would not take offense at women raising a glass to her.

Here's to Tillie!

Kelley Bell said...

New Drink:

Peppermint sake. We could call it the literary grand mama!

Kelley Bell said...


I would love to sip some peppermint tea with you and Tillie.

Truth be told (and this is just between you and me...I have a reputation to protect yanno...)

It sounds like Tillie could drink me under the table!

Aside from a spoonful of Irish Cream in my coffee, I don't really drink at all these days.

I think I used to when I was younger, but for some reason, I can't remember.

fineartist said...

Kelly thank you for introducing me to Ericka, she is amazing, and her post so real, bless her.

Thankfully the pain is over for Tillie.

From one who knows there are worse things than death.

Thank you kelly and Ericka, and rest well Tillie.

xx, Lori

Kelley Bell said...

Yo are most welcome Lori.

-and thanks for that Christmas ham. LOL