Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lisey's Story

"Reality is Ralph."

If you do not yet know what that means, get This Book, go sit under the Yum-Yum Tree, and don't come out until you're thru.

Stephen Kings new novel, Lisey's Story tells the tale of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author from the perspective of his widow Lisey, who must travel into the world of his imagination, the world of the Boo-ya Moon, if she is to heal her grief, and move on.

The voice of her dead husband fills her mind, breaks her heart, and leads her on a Bool Hunt. Not just any old bool mind you, but a Blood Bool.

He leads her from Sweetheart hill, through the Fairy Forest, to The Pool, " the Language Pool, the Myth Pool, where we all go down to drink..." It is a magical world on the other side of the wind, where the colors are brighter, the flowers smell sweeter, the moon is always full, and our deepest darkest terrors, are only a hot breath away.

It is the place where you must be still, and quiet, and wary, and a place you should never, ever go to at night. That is, unless you are a barefoot ten year old boy who has no choice. The boy who must go to the place where catatonics go when their eyes are empty and they leave this world. The place where they sit by the Pool and watch the Hollyhocks in a hypnotic prison of eternal dreaming. The place where we learn of Scott Landon's horrific past, and how Lisey was the anchor that kept him sane and saved his life.

The place where we learn, the voice of a loved one is the one thing that can holler you home.

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Val said...

Wow, Happy New Year to me!
(when I don't surf by for a while & find a WHOLE NEW PAGE of posts!)
Mebbe great minds think alike (or maybe we're just catching the same books on sale at Sam's, hmmmm??? -- but I'm currently working my way through Stevie Boy's latest...
& as to getting drunk on New Year's Eve, I'm working up my own post, but let me cut the suspense right now to tell ya it didn't happen for me this year ;-)...