Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A matter of Trust

The State of the household address:

As the tweenkin child of Kelley Bell, it is my honor to address the blogosphere and deliver the state of the household address.
While we as a family have many issues to face in the years ahead, today, I would like to speak to you about trust.

How do your parents send you off to school in the morning? Do they feed you breakfast, tie your shoes, give you lunch money and hurry you off to the bus with a kiss?

Mine dosn't. Today, she got me out the door by throwing donuts at me. You know, the powered sugar mini dounuts that explode in a big poof when they hit the dark blue walls of your kitchen?
Yeah, it looks cool, I know, but it makes a big mess, and why should I have to dodge donuts on school daze?

If my mother wants me to treat her like an adult, she needs to act like one. Right now, her behavior demonstrates she can not be trusted, and trust my friends, is what it's all about.

Parental response from house majority leader Kelley Bell:

If I have to feed her breakfast, get her to the bus on time, and clean up the all messes, why shouldn't I have some fun doing it. GAWWWWDDD, kids can be so uptight sometimes.


Sandra said...

I'd welcome having donuts thrown at me, WELCOME.

I mostly just wanted to say that the photo of you with the baby deer is the sweetest thing ever. I do some rehab work myself and nothing melts the heart like a Bambi!!

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks Sandra.

Rehab work is the coolest,,,except when it breaks your heart.

zilla said...

A little (oaky, WAY) off-topic, and in honor of breaking the recent all too necessary political thread, this afternoon, GBabyZ (now 16 months old) looked out my living room window and saw a few deer scampering across the clearning and into the woods. Bless his little quadruped-loving heart if GBabyZ didn't point and shout, "Goats!"

And why that was so dad-blamed FUNNY is beyond me, except that after the last couple-few weeks of heaviness, it was just the perfect moment of lightness that we all needed.

Normally I would raise my eyebrows at someone over donuts, but the truth is that I currently have not only half a dozen Dunkin' Donuts on the counter, but also half a box of Hello Kitty Poptarts next to my toaster.

I don't know which way to go -- either it's only Wednesday and there's time to redeem ourselves before the week ends, or it's already Wednesday, and we might as well declare the week a total loss and head out for Lucky Charms and Big Macs and Underground Cheesecakes and Mancinso's pizzas & grinders and Golden Chopsticks's General Tsao's Chicken (with fried, not white rice AND an extra eggroll) and Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, Chunky Monkey and Karmel Sutra.

All I'm trying to say is that January has left a lot of us needing more comfort than All-Bran and a green salad with fat-free dressing can offer.

We'll be okay.


I hope.

fineartist said...

Donuts on the fly, one of my favorite breakfasts...

I hear's been sort of a suck fest/arm pit of the year...

The Fat Lady Sings said...

You certainly have a lively household! If you have the time - I tagged you for the Arts MEME. All the details are available over at my site. Drop by any time to check it out. :)

Kelley Bell said...

You Women ROCK!

I LOVE the comments and patter!

Everybody put yer arms up high and do the arm-chair Cha-Cha for cyber friends!