Saturday, January 20, 2007

"I'm in, and I'm in to win!"

"I'm in, and I'm in to win!"
-Hillary Rodham Clinton

That's right folks, Hillary Clinton has announced she is forming an exploratory committee to run for president.

I for one am very excited about this.
Not because I am a die hard democrat.
Not because I am an expert on her political record.
And not because she represents the polar opposite of George W. Bush.

I am excited about this because Hillary Rodham Clinton stands as a symbol of liberty for this country.

While America is a beacon of hope for many, it is also viewed as the evil empire by others. Both views have basis in fact. As an American, I want my country to be a symbol of freedom for the world. I want to use our position, our authority and our voice to promote the ideals of our constitution for all the world to see.

I want my country to stand proud as a symbol of Lady Liberty, for the poor, the tired, and the hungry.

And I want a woman in the white house.

I do not say that simply because I support feminism, I say that because a democracy can not survive if the voice of the people is not heard. Women represent 50% of our population, and yet in two hundred years, no woman has ever been elected president. If America is the role model for democracy, then or government must reflect the diversity of our people.

When we finally break through the marble ceiling, including women as leaders in the highest office of the land, the floodgates will open for all minority groups to gain representation in positions of power.

I believe a woman leader will stand as a symbol for the mature, wise, nurturing, mothering concept of America; the caring, parental, lady liberty figure of global politics, instead of the bullish world police image we are branded with now.

We need a democratic president to rebalance our positions for the short term, but we need a woman president to rebalance our history for the long term.

America can not lay claim to the title of free republic until our government truly reflects the demographics of our population. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first woman in history who has a real shot at winning the presidency, and she may be the last one to emerge for a long, long time. For this reason alone, we owe her our vote.

You may not agree with her position on every issue, but her stance is centerist, which is where our country needs to lean. We have survived swings to the left and right many times. We will survive four years in the center.

One term in office has limited effects, but the symbol of a woman as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, now THAT will have long lasting implications.

Change is measured in centuries, not decades, and this change is one that must occur now. It is a long over due step for the country that stands as a symbol of liberty for the world.


Smythe said...

I am right along with you, sister!

annie said...

i was nuts for her, from the beginning.(when bill was elected the 1st time.)since then, my opinion has morphed to some degree. since becoming a senator, i find her politics to be beyond centrist, and closer to the right. the fact that she did not stand up and vote against the invasion of iraq really got to me. i am saddened at the way so many democrats sell out, once they're in power.
that said, it pleases me greatly that a woman is in the race. period. i only wish she were a woman who stood up to the right more.
i am every bit as pleased that obama is in the race, because it's equally important to see an african american in the race.i'd love to see a clinton/obama ticket.
p.s. you've been blogrolled-hope that's okay.

Kelley Bell said...

I like that Obama/Clinton ticket.

Progressive diversities version of Camelot!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. Her positions may be centrist, but she's still a very divisive figure and a lightening rod. I don't think she's electable on the national stage.

I applaud her effort, and as much as I really want a woman in the White House, I truly doubt it will be Hilary.

Kelley Bell said...

She is a divisive figure. But Why?
Because she supports universal health care?
Well, yeah, they rode Harry Truman out on a rail for supporting it, and no one else has dared try since.

But, outside of that, the divisivness is all propoganda.
Some attack her because they hate democrats
and the rest attack her because she is a woman of power.

So it seems to me, every woman who comes down the pike will be labeled "divisive" under that criteria.
-her issues
-her party
-her gender

We have GOT to NORMALIZE the concept of a woman as president.

And really...I'm sure she will do a fine job.

We survived George, didn't we?

contemplator said...

She's been electable before, I don't see why she wouldn't be electable to a broader audience. I'm also one who is hoping for a Clinton/Obama ticket.

I agree that we have to start interrogating the statements that people make about Hillary to see most of them for what they're for--fear mongering. Keep on asking the dreaded "Why," and most of those statements will fall to pieces.

It's time this country did more questioning and less of swallowing things down hook, line and sinker.

annie said...

my change-in-attitude about her occured when she voted the way she did on the iraq war. then, she stood a chance to set herself apart from the other lemmings.
she had my absolute respect, up until that point. i don't want anymore war.
it's that simple. i feel that this is the biggest issue, in the '08 election.

Smythe said...

rJust wanted to check in on the comments you have gotten on your post about Hillary. My post has received a diverse amount of comments as well-one attacking my intelligence for even thinking of supporting Hillary- and I don't mean a comment choosing to disagree -
Oh, well--I think it is important to judge a candidate by issue, rather than my gender- or race-however, I find that those two variables seem to be quite important already. Bill Richardson plans to become the first Hispanic president, as well.

Rain said...

Yeah!!! I agree with your thoughts Kelley. Go Hillary!

fineartist said...

If Hillary runs, she'll get my vote, for universal health care alone.