Tuesday, April 19, 2005


This weekend, my daughter turned Ten.

We held a party that just would not end.

Eight little girls full of sugar and color,

Testing the patience of an old tired mother.

The night grew late as I tucked them in bed,

Knowing whispers and giggles would soon lay ahead.

Every so often I would peek in the room

Thinking “Surely they will all fall asleep soon.”

I dozed on the couch until well after One

Listening to them, and enjoying their fun.

By two I told them in a motherly voice

“Play time is over, you don’t have a choice.”

At three I was rousted when the dog jumped on my face

Leading me down to the kitchen, the girls were raiding the place.

Four O’Clock came with my sweet little Zach,

Who kicks in his sleep like mule who attacks.

At five, I woke up to five little girl faces,

Screaming “Alex threw up…In two different places!”

At six I was ready to go back to bed

Feeling quite certain that I was already dead

When I passed through the kitchen, and looked at the cake

That I had so happily and lovingly baked,

It summed up my feelings

And made my heart ache.

This vision before me was a true work of art

Sweet sugary goodness that was falling apart!


garnet david said...

This is adorable and hilarious. Hope you caught a cat nap later.

Betty said...

This is fantastic! I cannot imagine having 10 kids overnight. I haven't yet been brave enough to have even one! Now, after reading this, I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it, even though my son has been clamoring for an overnight guest. Maybe boys would be easier....