Friday, December 23, 2005

The Human Virus

According to data from The United Nations, World Population Prospects, Anthropologists date human history back about 3 million years. They estimate that in these early hunter gatherer periods, the world human population hovered at around 10 million people. The population grew to about 300 million by A.D. 1, and then sprinted to one billion during the industrial revolution. The exponential growth of humans in the twentieth century was astounding. We entered the era with 1.6 billion souls, and exited with a count of over Six Billion People!

We are a virus of epidemic proportions, eating away at the health of our living host. Asking us to police ourselves for the wellbeing of the planet is like asking the cold virus to regulate itself for our good health. It can’t work. Mother earth will have to come up with a defense on her own, to control us. And she will. Life always finds a way. Balance is the state at which all things strive to return too.

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