Friday, December 30, 2005

Tibetan Monks

Happy Campers!!!!!! Posted by Hello

The chanting of the Tibetan Monks is legendary. For centuries these devoted spiritualists have studied the art of meditation and vibrational medicine. They are masters of Mind-Body-Spirit principles.

They are so happy and fun loving! They find beauty and joy, and meaning in every little thing.

The depth of their chants is a truly moving experience. You can feel the sounds resonate right through the core of your being. It is awe inspiring to listen as they create multiple tones from deep in their chests.

One important principle of Buddhist meditation is to create an "Inner Smile". Try this. Set an intent of sending out compassion to everything and everyone you encounter, and hold that inner smile all through your day.

It takes a conscious effort and a degree of practice to keep it going all day, but this discipline will bring you great reward.


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