Friday, December 23, 2005

A Quantum Theory on Life

Do you know what’s great about Quantum Physics?

It brings together the ideas of religion, philosophy and science.

Quantum physics teaches that when we break up atoms to see what they are made of, we find these little energy blurbs called quarks. Quarks are made of pure energy. They are constantly blinking in and out. They might be blinking in and out of time, across the past and the future. They might be changing from positively charged energy to negatively charged energy. Or they might be blinking in and out of existence all together. We don’t know.

What we do know is that they are made of pure energy, and that everything that exists in the universe is created from this source.

Think about that. The air you breathe, the chair you sit in, the books you read, and you. You are made of this energy.

All of the universes in the heavens and everything within them are a giant dot pattern of these little vibrating blips of energy. Nothing separates this from that. We are all ONE.

So the result is that:

The atheists are right. Science does hold the answer.

Western religion is right. The eternal God does live within us all.

The Taoists are right. We are all ONE.

The worshipers of nature are right. The divine does exist in everything.

The theory of Yin and Yang states that First there was the Yin and the Yang, and from that sprang the ten thousand things.

If we interpret the yin and the yang as the blinking of the quark, then they are right too.

What we need to do is stop debating the differences between our ideals, and start looking for the commonalities.

When it comes to philosophical differences, I guarantee that you will not find two people on the planet whose ideals are identical. Everyone will have their own nuances and twists because we all see life from a unique perspective. No two people ever born were exactly identical to each other. We are all different. Every snowflake, every flower, every blade of grass has its own individual qualities, just as do our ideas.

So rejoice, and connect to the energy of the divine! We are all ONE.


Kathy Thompson said...

Kelley, I can't believe no one has commented on this! This is an issue I feel very strongly about, but have not been able to put it into words the way you just did. If only everyone could understand that we as living beings are all connected to the earth and everything on it, maybe religious wars would lose their importance. All living things...grass, trees, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc. are completely co-dependant on each other for survival. If humans could let go of their ego for just one generation, and respect our need for cooperation as a global world, maybe we could preserve our earth as we know it for a little longer. The way we are going now, I think the African Poison Dart frogs will survive longer that us Superior Humans...and the frogs are nearly extinct! Climb a mountain, Kelly, and shout for all to hear! You have a way with words that could impact all those who hear, and quite possible change the world. Ever think of running for President? said...

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