Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A life of Service and Compassion

I was watching the Barbara Walters special on Heaven, when my little boy got out of bed and wanted me to play.
"Not now honey. Go back to bed. Mommy wants to watch this show."

The Dali Lama was telling Babs about living a life of service and compassion. Heaven is right here and now for those who do.

His words made me stop.

I turned off the TV, went to my son and playfully cuddled under the covers. It was yummy good fun.

His smile made my heart glow, in that way only a mother knows.


Right Here and Now.

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Betty said...

I admire the way you were able to recognize the here and now heaven that your boy offered you. I don't always see it. Sometimes I try to view my mothering as service, though. Maybe, just maybe it is part of my mission...