Wednesday, January 18, 2006


About a year ago, I got all caught up in those cable TV decorating programs. Trading Spaces, Design on a Dime, and my all time favorite, The Christopher Lowell Show. Christopher would bounce into my living room every morning at ten, filling my mind with FABULOUS home decor concepts, while cheering me on with his mantra "YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

Ten Thousand Dollars later, I snapped out of my hypnotic decorating trance, with a new found confidence. YES! I COULD DO IT! I DID DO IT!
Of course, there are a lot of things I could do with ten thousand dollars, but that's beside the point.

The point is, this experience has taught me, that I have the two most adorable puppies in the entire civilized world.

Everyone who has a pet, claims that theirs is just the cutest lil thing ever, BUT I, KELLEY BELL, HEREBY PROCLAIM ALL RIGHTS and TITLES TO THE WORLD'S MOST ADORABLE PUPPIES.

Here are the pictures to prove it:

They decided to dig up my plants, while I was at work. (Its a new job...My second day.)

Mud covered my new custom drapes, and my freshly painted walls.

Forensic evidence was found throughout the house.

They even destroyed my UPLIGHTS! (A Christopher Lowell necessity to create Drama in a room.) Yea, Chris, come on over. I've got some drama for ya.

Lil Bears paws were snow white, but Sandy was COVERED in mud. It doesn't take Columbo to know she's the guilty girl !

So, in conclusion, I claim that my dogs hereby hold the title of WORLDS MOST ADORABLE PUPPIES, for if they were anything less, they would be "Pushin' Up Dasies" right now.


firedawg said...

I think Sandy needs a good lawyer.
Hope your new position turns out to be better than expected.

Kelley Bell said...

Yea, I need to go into photo shop and add the mug shot ID card to her picture.


The new job is cool. Im the Education Coordinator for The Ohio Wildlife Center. It Rocks! Thanks.

Writer Mom said...

(hey Kelly Bell...I memed you!)

Writer Mom said...

Also, I memed Kelley Bell. Both of you. (Geesh...I type too fast)

KT is a newbie! said...

Can you help a newbie? I enjoy this blogspot almost every day, now, but I HAVE to email this last one to a friend so we can have a roaring good hoot over some coffee tomorrow! What are the steps "link" through email?
And Thanks Kelley and friends for loosening up a few of my rusty gears and getting me thinkin' and laughin'!

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks from both of us Writer Mom. Even though we dont know what memed means.

Kelley Bell said...


Welcome to the bloggy blog. Glad you like the story. You can link by going to the URL bar at the top of the page, you know the white box with the http address.

just copy the address and paste it into your e-mail.

Drop back by anytime. The kids and dogs are always up to something!

Betty said...

And I was so sure that my Chihuahua took the prize! Thanks for the new perspective...

Kelley Bell said...

I'm sure that it would be a close competition!