Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Omen

My first experience with Power, came when I was in 4th grade.

Every day I would walk through the woods to school.

Those walks always filled me with energy and spiritual awe, but never so much as the day of "The Omen."

It was not a very big woods, but through a childs eyes, it was an emmence and magical forest.

As always, I walked down the long row of pines, then climbed a steep cliff, to emerge facing a beautiful pond. It was a vista of reflection, with the power to stop time.

As I reached the top, I heard a ruckus. Desperate cries of squalking and screeching.

A life and death battle was being waged in the air above the pond, between an owl and five little birds.

My perch on the cliff was a vantage point above.

How odd to look down, at a battle in the sky.

The owl was out numbered, and desperately afraid.

Instinctivly, I grabbed some stones and joined in the fight.

Yelling, Squalking, Screeming, Screeches, pierced the stillness of the water.

Together we fought, as the squadron repeatedly attacked.

The little army at last relented, and My Owl was saved.

Adreneline quivered through my soul, then gushed into the earth,

leaving my body heavy and spent.

Ol' Mr. Muskrat peeked out from his den, and swam the perimiter, like a policeman on patrol.

Stillness returnd to my magical pond, as I drank in the energy of the rising sun.

In time, I arose, and wandered slowly towards the school, wishing I could stay in natures womb.

I emerged from the fragrant woods, to the smell of exaust, the sounds of the city, and the view of my familiar elementary institution.

As I shuffled slowly up the walk, the most amazing thing happened. My owl flew out of the woods and landed on the bike rack in front of me!

An Eternal Moment,

Motionless in Time,

United as One,

Eyes Locked,


Without Words.

Then the bell rang, and the spell was broken.

My owl hooted in grateful thanks, and flew away.

Grandma told me that seein' an owl in the daytime is a "powerful good Omen".

Having an owl for a friend is even better.


dog1net said...

Wonderful description and photo.

Kelley Bell said...

Twas a wonderful moment and memory.

Betty said...

Wow- what a tremendously awesome story. Are you sure the spell was broken? You have reminded me that some of the most powerful experiences of my life have involved wildlife. I am inspired to take my child for a walk in the wild today. Thank you, Kelley.