Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity. He defined it as an "acausal connecting principle." Religions often consider events of syncronicity miracles. The Catholic Church calls it "the providence of God."

One of many examples of Syncronicity, from my own life is the following story:

I was involved with a martial arts group that offered some of the best training around. During a late summer weekend camp, the group spent two exhausting days drilling to some Irish bagpipe music. We listened to the same song over and over and over again as we practiced.

The women worked just as hard as the men, but throughout the camp, they were repeatedly treated as second class by some of the more macho guys. I was irritated with Master instructor for condoning such behavior. I decided not to attend the next camp, in protest.

After sending a letter of regret and citing my reasons, I get a phone call from the camp director. She calls while Im outside painting my deck. (think Karate Kid: wax on wax off, sanda floor, paint da fence.)

We engage in a long discussion in which she tries very hard to change my mind. I told her I would think about it.

At the exact moment when I hung up the phone, a hawk flies over head and calls out. Then some stranger that I have never seen before, or since, appears on my neighbors deck with a set of bagpipes and begins to play.

He is playing THE SAME SONG we had been drilling to at the camp! Shivers went up my spine.

I took it as a sign, and went to the camp.

As if this alone was not weird enough, my toe gets broken during a knife fighting demonstration at camp. This forces me to sit out on the 3 mile hike. I end up alone in camp with the very person I have a beef with. We sit around the camp fire, and talk out the problem. Lo and behold, a hawk slowly circles over our heads, calling out as we talk.

Without knowing anything of my bagpipe experience, the old Burmese Master points to the hawk and says "You See, Kelley, You See? The Spirits are calling to you."

"Yes Sir. I See."


ME Strauss said...

I have had a significant absence of synchronicity since that episode with you so many months back. My life is seriously out of whack and I'm working my way toward getting it back. Keep your bagpipes pointed toward me I think I have a chance at regaining my balance. There's not much more stretching and bending and opening this spirit needs to float.

Kelley Bell said...

Maybe you should gather those "friends" you wrote about, and just ***ASK*** for what your heart desires.

You might just be suprised what you recieve.

ME Strauss said...

In the last day or so some very good possibilities have come knocking on my door.

The one that I wrote about the other day the required relocation was only fair option for me. Yesterdiay they called asking to go to the next step. Shortly thereafter I got a fall from a woman who's helping get bootstrap funding for a startup I want to do. As I sat thinking "oh I wish that I didn't have to follow-through with that relocation possibility, because I would turn it down in a flash for the start to get going" I got an email from the person in charge of THAY saying she wanted to talk on Monday about the start up AND other ideas.

I think you are magic, Kelley Bell.

Kelley Bell said...

(Giggle Giggle Grin)
One year ago my hubby lamented his job.
"Baby, what do you want?" I asked.

"I dont know, but not this."

"You need to be more specific. I cant make your dreams come true if you dont tell me what they are."

"Well, I guess I want to widen my scope, to move up to the next level, and to work with new people. these guys drive me crazy."

A year later, 15 people left their jobs suddenly, and my baby got promoted to a new job, with a wider scope and more responsibility.

He was so upset. He did not understand what was going on. He was in the eye of the tornado.

I had to remind him three times that it was simply what he had wished for.

Silly boy.

Kelley Bell said...

Good Luck with your dreams my Lovely Liz.

Color them well, with lots of detail.

staterka said...

I love stories like this about synchronicity. It reinforces my belief that there are spiritual forces working in this world that we don't always appreciate because sometimes we're too busy rushing through life. It's lovely to stop and experience the wonder of synchronicity when it happens to you.