Sunday, January 08, 2006

Goddess Child

Once Upon A Time...

There was a little girl, born in the Land of The Free,
and the Home of The Brave.

She was taught that she could become anything, even President,
though no girl had ever done THAT before.

She was taught the importance of education,
and read many books by Great Men.

She was told to get a job,
But to expect less pay then her male peers.

She was told to climb the Career ladder,
and bumped into a glass ceiling on the way.

She learned that misogyny
is oft ignored by the law.

She was expected to marry,
to Love, Honor and Obey.

She was taught to pray
to God the Father, and God the Son

She was told that bearing a child,
was punishment for Original Sin.

She was expected to be a good mother
while putting her children in daycare.

She learned that powerful men are Leaders
while powerful women are Bitches.

She was told to wave the flag and support a war
against the ones who "hate us for our Freedom"

And she wondered, if that war
might be better fought right here.

-Written by Kelley Bell 2006

(Creative Commons permission to copy and share is granted. But please site the author.)


firedawg said...

I cannot understand how men can write off half the world's population. It is sad enough to see older men with sexist attitudes but it is just plain wrong to see young men perpetuating this garbage. Some men give men a bad name!

bradford said...

There are the inclusions and the exclusions and when we get the poles in position a new generator can be conceived. The self is a useful vehicle if you get to know the driver(s). What good is self esteem if you just sit by yourself and steam?

Kelley Bell said...

I think its only about half the men who perpetuate gender bias, but lets be fair and remember that a great many women are guilty too. (Margaret Thatcher said "Feminism never did anything for me.")

Hi Brad, and welcome to me blogidy blog. You seem to have a talent for wordplay, in an ambigious sort of way. :)

You ask "What good is self esteem if you just sit by yourself and steam?" LOL

Hmm, I dont know. Maybe Martin Luther King found the answer to that in his "letters from the Burmingham Jail."

Or maybe Ghandi figured it out, or Ann Bolin.

(I like the part about the "New Generator" BTW.)

Biting Beaver said...

I LOVE it!! Where the heck did you find that gem?

Kelley Bell said...

In my head.