Friday, January 06, 2006

Yin and Yang

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The Symbol of Yin and Yang

The Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang is universal to all Eastern Philosophy. The two halves represent the dual nature of all things in the universe. The swirls depict two fish, swirling around, ever changing, one becoming the other, with each containing the seed of the other within its self. The black is the Yin, feminine, passive, soft side. The white is the active, bright, hard, male side.
The symbol of Yin and Yang illustrates the universal truths that one side is not complete without the other, and the two, together, make up The One.

Although it is human nature to resist change, it must be accepted and understood that all things exist in a constant state of transition, and each thing must be seen as both Yin and Yang, if it is to be seen in its entirety.

The circular nature of the symbol also illustrates that there is no end to the journey. The goal is not to reach the end, for any destination is a dead end, but rather to experience the journey itself.