Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spread Your Wings

We had a writer and professional photographer come to the Wildlife Center last week, to photograph some animals for a book.

When I brought Nakahaay out, I said "Spread your Wings Nakahhay. Show them how beautiful you really are."

To everyone's amazement, he did exactly that!

I think we should all spread our wings once in a while, and reveal our majestic beauty for the world to see.


Writer Mom said...

Gorgeous! So's the bird.

And what a wonderful thought.

(I need to shave my armpits, however, before I do this.)

Kelley Bell said...

Ha Ha!

too funny. Thanks for the laugh. (grin)

Betty said...

This is a real gem- brief, clear, full of impact, inspiring, and illustrated with beautiful photos. Thank you, Kelley, for spreading your wings so frequently.

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks Betty.
Feedback like this is much appreciated. You're the best!

Trée said...

Kel, I love the pictures and the message. Both are beautiful.

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Tree!
When it comes to pictures, YOUR site takes the prize!

I dont comment much, but I drop in and gaze on your work regularly.

Anyone reading this should take note, and go visit Tree's blog.

**silvermOOn** said...

Exciting experience and stunning photo of a beautiful bird! (Here via Garnet's blog.)

Biting Beaver said...

I looked for your email and realized that I've lost it, could you drop me a line please? I've got a question about the wildlife center *grin*