Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Am I just Stupid or What?

My second grader asked me to help with his homework.

The paper says:
Put these event in the order they happened. Write the number 1 on the line by that sentence, then write 2 for what happened next and write 3 by what happened last.

______When did the man discover that Bobby was gone?
a) after 35 miles
b) five days later
c) at the end of the day

______What did Prince do just before he found his master?
a) Found the British Army
b) crossed the English Channel
c) Located the trench

Am I stupid, or was this written by someone on drugs?
(It was copied from a school workbook, and no, there was not a story to put it into context.)


ME Strauss said...

I never said I had bounds of respect for people who write these books. In this case, though, I'd love some more information. What was the name of the page and is there a skill listed somewhere there? Do you know who published the book? Maybe at least I could tell you what it was they didn't do. HA!

That is a really good example of what it is--isn't it?


Kelley Bell said...

At the bottom of the page it says "Sequence * Level E"

I have no idea what book, as the page sent home was a photo copy. I am sending a note to the teacher that might shed some light.

We'll see.

ME Strauss said...

Then I have to believe that the publisher is probably NOT THAT FNING STUPID--the answer to this mystery is in one of these

a.1 the teacher is that stupid and didn't give the child all of the parts.

a.2 the teacher/school is that stupid that they bought the workbook without the book that goes with it, thinking they didn't need it.

b. the child didn't bring all of hte part parts home

Those are the most likely answers

ME Strauss said...

Okay so I'm dying to know now.

Kelley Bell said...

Alas, there was no response from the teacher in his book bag. We shall have to wait till Monday...

firedawg said...

I take the fifth.

garnet david said...

I can't wait to hear the outcome.

I was wonderful to meet you yesterday. I added a little mention of it at the end of my new post.


Kelley Bell said...

Likewise, Cyberbuddy.

I will post our photo soon. (Just started a new job today.)
A Busy, Busy bee am I...