Monday, January 02, 2006

Ever Expanding Universe

I met a new cyber friend today. VENNILA nr KAIN.

She sent me an e-mail asking about the symbolism of The White Hawk, and what it means to see such a thing thrice. After checking her website, I must say that I was most honored and humbled that she chose to ask the question of little ole' me.

I never imagined that blogging would become an ever expanding universe of cerebral friendships, existing entirely independently from the constraints of the physical world.

Aint it Grand?

Check out her web site:


firedawg said...

You are the giant fridge magnet of life. (Just remember I knew you when...) The lightning rod of balance, sending out rays of reason and attracting those who believe. Not to be too far off topic but I watched the documentary on "Woodstock" last night and the innocence still gets to me. I can't believe that all those people pulled off such a great thing.

Kelley Bell said...

Woodstock did indeed encapsulate the sixties.
It was a great and wonderous dream of peace and music, but under the surface there was disorganization, confusion and dissent.

The promoters lost their shirts on that concert because the unhearalded masses stormed the gates and got in for free. It became a frenzy to just provide food water and sanitation...a MASH unit of Hippies, all trying to survive.

Geeze, I sure wish I could have been there...